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September 26th 2014

September continues to be a busy month for HTS.

Amanda has now delivered both the new pediatric course and received some great feedback from the students on both the one day and three day courses.

Highfield have now requested the course work from both the courses to ensure they meet all the requirements and so we are waiting for the feed back and the release of the certificates so we can forward on to our students. We hope this wont be much longer!

Today I thought we would give you a myth v reality with choking.

Myth -If someone is choking give them a drink of water or a dry piece of toast!

Reality – This myth stems from a desire to force the object down but it will only add to the obstruction and make the situation worse. You should encourage the person to cough and if they can’t, give up to five blows to the back between the shoulder blades

If this doesn’t work (it usually does) give up to five abdominal thrusts.

These are given by you standing behind the person and placing a clenched fist between their belly button and the bottom of the breastbone, Bring your other hand round their body and over the other hand and pull inwards and upwards sharply.

If the obstruction doesn’t clear after three cycles of back blows and abdominal thrusts dial 999 and continue the cycles until help arrives.If the casualty goes in to unconscious you should start CPR.

At HTS we use an Anti Choking trainer (pictured above) to allow you to practice the abdominal thrust – which you should only ever do on someone who is actually choking – giving you the best possible environment to learn and practice your new skills.

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Have a great week.