Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid – 12 hours over (2 days)
The course provides theoretical and practical training in First Aid techniques that are specific to infants aged 0 to 1, and children aged from 1 year old to the onset of puberty.

Candidates will become familiar with the role of the paediatric first aider and be able to assess and react appropriately to an emergency situation including being able to provide first aid for a child and an infant who;

• is unresponsive.                                               • has an airway obstruction.
• is suffering from shock.                                    • is wounded and bleeding.
• has a fracture or dislocation.                           • has a head, neck or back injury.
• Foreign bodies eyes, ears or nose.                 • has been poisoned.
• Extreme heat and/or cold injuries.                   • Diabetes
• has been bitten or stung.                                 • has sustained an electric shock.

The Level 2 Award in Paediatric First Aid consists of 2 units and is to be provided over a period of 2 days with a minimum contact time of 6 hours per unit. This course can be run in house for a maximum of 12 delegates


This qualification is assessed through practical and oral questioning through the duration of the course by the tutor with a 15-question multiple-choice examination at the end.

Successful learners must achieve a score of at least 10 out of 15.

Learners must practically demonstrate the application of the correct techniques in all the First Aid areas indicated within the learning outcomes of the unit.